How did the Bros brothers’ sister Carolyn die?

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 Sunday, January 27, 2019 - 12:00:37 PM
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After The Screaming Stops explores the complex and often melodramatic dynamic between Bros brothers Luke and Matt Goss, former global pop superstars, and the effect is quite outstanding. Matt has swiftly become the most quotable person on the internet, spouting such gems as ‘I made a conscious decision, because of Stevie Wonder, to not be superstitious’, so we definitely recommend giving it a try. But even though this and other hilarity ensues, that doesn't stop the film from touching on more serious events in the Goss brothers’ lives, like the death of their mother in 2014 of cancer. Sadly, the two also lost their sister when they were at the height of their career, but since this isn’t explored for long fans and has been left wondering: What exactly happened to Carolyn Goss? Right before an appearance on Terry Wogan’s talk show, and at the height of their success, Matt and Luke Goss were told that their sister had been killed suddenly in a car crash and that a drunk driver was at fault. Luke Goss, visibly choked up, says in the documentary: ‘My sister, she was a wonderful girl, incredibly smart. I would have loved to have seen her become a woman. ‘I think she would have done something quite remarkable with her life, but it didn’t happen.’ It’s certainly one of the more emotionally hard-hitting parts of After The Screaming Stops, as we see old film footage of the Bros brothers trying to put on a happy face for the camera as they accept platinum records, to mark their incredible album sales. In the film, Matt says, ‘I don’t know who expects a young man to go on TV after that… and have composure, and try to crack a smile’

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